Family History Cont.

This text was featured on the 1988 Indiana Aeronautical Chart.

This year's cover pays tribute to the Halsmer Brothers and 60 years of innovation and engineering ingenuity. Frances, John and Joseph Halsmer built their first planes in 1931 and taught themselves how to fly on their dad's dairy farm.  Their first plane operated on a Ford Model T engine, but bounced better than it flew.  The brothers later traded 40 bushels of corn for a WW I biplane, and Halsmer's Dairy soon became Halsmer's Airport.  While all three Halsmer brothers taught flying, they also performed additional managerial, inspection, and licensing duties.

During WW I the brothers served in the AAF but returned soon after to form Halsmer Flying Service where they continued giving lessons and flying charters.  Joseph turned the airport into his personal workshop where he invented the Aero Car, the Halsmer Safety Twin, and a push-pull airplane with fore and aft propellers.  He also claimed several records, including one for the fastest turbo-prop trans-Atlantic flight.

Halsmer Airport was the result of a dream of three brothers who became hooked on aviation after a trip to an air show in 1927.  Now, 53 years later, the Halsmer Airport will close to make room for further growth and progress in Indiana.  Although physically gone, the memory of the airport will remain, and the contributions of the Halsmer Brothers will be seen in aviation history as a significant component in Indiana's aviation development.


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